I’ve lost count now of how many times I’ve been to Brussels. I’ve got the entire routine down, memorized, and I almost hate that because the trip is an enormous hassle. But always in the end, despite the extra-lengths of getting to and from Brussels via Spain is without a doubt worth ever second of [...]

Brussels II

Brussels has been the place I’ve given most attention to in the past year because I so desperately wanted to study there for my Master’s. However, after my previous visit, we’ve all seen my great disappointment in the school I found there. I would have looked into other schools but it seems that French is [...]

La France Profonde

Thus begins my adventure to La France Profonde and my first full-immersion into French culture via the American way.  By that I mean I stayed with Chloé’s incredible multi-national Franco-American family.  I couldn’t have asked for better company and a more inviting family: I owe Chloé and her family everything for giving me one of [...]