Moving on and moving forward

My last two blog posts were rushed and even a bit forced. I’ve looked back upon them and I’ll leave them as they stand, but they really represent a lack of thought and time. The reason for this is because I had been traveling a lot, the hot summer heat was taking it’s toll, and [...]

End of another school year

(Foreword to the reader: To clarify any confusion that may arise from this post, I am not leaving Spain. I am moving from Madrid to Barcelona in September to pursue a master's degree in International Relations. Please read on...) As I’m sitting here in this coffee shop, the one that Chris Kelley and I sat [...]

Life Update #9

I haven't posted anything in such a long time because quite frankly there hasn't been anything too out of the ordinary worthy of posting. However, I feel that it's time to put you all up to date. First, I've been accepted to study at the CEU San Pablo University here in Madrid. But I'm not [...]

La France Profonde

Thus begins my adventure to La France Profonde and my first full-immersion into French culture via the American way.  By that I mean I stayed with Chloé’s incredible multi-national Franco-American family.  I couldn’t have asked for better company and a more inviting family: I owe Chloé and her family everything for giving me one of [...]

In regards to “serious business”

And by serious business, I think I mean "party business." So it's official. My life is perfect. Evidence? Here you go: Friday I’m going to Salamanca with all my friends for the whole weekend! Gonna be nothing short of a riot. December 8-11 I’ll be in Pisa/Florence/Bologna. Just finished making my final hostel reservation (PARTY [...]