¡Hola! My name is Graham and I am a Spanish teacher in Boston, Massachusetts.


This blog began in August 2010 right after I graduated from college and was getting ready to move to Spain where I’d remain for the next three years. After two years of teaching English in Madrid, I relocated to Barcelona in 2012 to complete a one-year masters degree in International Relations (and an internship with a study abroad company). By June of 2013, my visa had expired, I had no job prospects, ran out of money, and had no other option but to fly back home to the US. This is where this blog had left off. Today, I am reopening it to construct a new chapter of my journeys in Spain.

For the month of July and a part of August, I will be leading a group of high school students in Madrid to learn the language and culture. This experience will be different than all my previous ones for several reasons:

Reason 1: I’m an adult (or something).
This time around, I’ll be able to explore the city as a true adult. I am no longer going to Spain as a young, eager person, thirsting to learn as much of the language and culture as possible. In fact, I’m going to be responsible for providing a space for others to accomplish just that. Now, with a career as a Spanish teacher, I will be facilitating enriching experiences for young students. I hope to support and encourage them to be inspired by Spain like it has inspired me.

20265111_4765112886111_593699355142741267_nReason 2: I am ready to reinvent myself.
As with any international experience, one hopes to spread their wings. I’ll also be using this journey as a way to reinvent myself. Every time I had gone to Spain in the past, I got to choose the best version of myself and portray that person to the world. I am excited to see who I will become this time. What I hope to accomplish is to find a new identity for myself in Spain as an adult and professional. I hope to establish a new connection to Madrid and see what it is like to live here outside of the chaos of being in your early twenties (I’m thirty years old now, after all). There – inevitably – remain the ghosts of my previous self echoing the streets of Malasaña, but I’m ready to create new memories.

Reason 3: I will be living with a host family.
For the first time, I will be living with a host family. I’m looking forward to the interactions with the family and hopefully getting my Spanish rhythm back up to what it was by the time I left Spain in 2013. By living with a local family, I am excited to learn a different perspective of what life in Madrid is like and to develop a connection with new people.

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