Life Update #9

I haven’t posted anything in such a long time because quite frankly there hasn’t been anything too out of the ordinary worthy of posting.

However, I feel that it’s time to put you all up to date.

First, I’ve been accepted to study at the CEU San Pablo University here in Madrid.

But I’m not going.

Second, I’ve been accepted to the University of Kent in Brussels, which was a huge deal for me to be accepted, but after having gone to visit last Wednesday…

I’m not going there either.

The reasons are such: The University here in Madrid is supposedly for rich pijo kids from Madrid and everyone tells me that the school is a place to slack off. It’s pretty expensive (in European terms) and I’m sure the education is just fine, it just doesn’t seem to be the right fit for me.

As for the University in Brussels, I’m pretty disappointed that that isn’t going to work out for me. I was really stoked at the prospect of studying in a country that isn’t Spain and I really wanted to learn French. Also, Brussels is the European capital which means that there are tons of great networking opportunities and potential job opportunities in international fields. I will be turning there after I get my master’s because I feel that that will be a great place for me to find a job, but after visiting the school, I saw that the entire student population is all Americans. I was hoping for a diverse program with other internationals so that I could meet people from all of the world and get great contacts. The last thing I wanted was a classroom full of Americans. It’s not that I have a problem with Americans, it’s just that living here, I’ve made a full effort of staying away from them in order to meet other people. Like I always say, if I want Americans, I should just move home.

So I’ve also applied to one other school in Barcelona and I’ve got my hopes on it, but it still hasn’t accepted me. We should find out any day now…

Also, next week I’ll be taking a trip around Europe with my good buddy Angel. We are going to spend three-four days in Amsterdam, five-six days in Berlin, and then two-three days in Krakow.

I’m incredibly excited for this trip not only because well, who wouldn’t be? But also it’s going to be of personal value to me. The first being Amsterdam. I am Dutch-American. Well that is to say that the Croesen family moved to the United States in the middle of the 1600s, so that doesn’t necessarily make me Dutch, but my grandfather does have the plaque to prove that we are original Dutch-American settlers.

Second, we’ll be dong a complete World War II tour of Europe. Starting in Amsterdam, we’ll be visiting Anne Frank’s attic. I hear that it is done in a way that won’t make you depressed, but I remember that as a kid, I became really attach to her person when I read her diary, so I’m expecting something powerful.

Then, Berlin would be the obvious, we’ll be able to visit all the museums and memorials and get lost in divided East/West Berlin.

From there, we’ll see Krakow which is one hour away from Auschwitz. Angel said he’d like to see that as well, so hopefully we have time to make it there, but I know that will be far from uplifting.

Furthermore, we just had to say our farewells to one of our roommates, Erika. She unfortunately had to move back to Italy because, due to the crisis, she was unable to find a job.  I really hate to see her go. We will sincerely miss her! Saying goodbye to roommates is my least favorite thing because we all get so attached.  On another note, I just lost a friend to the Big Apple today. My really good buddy Luis just caught a plane to go live in New York to work on a magazine for the next three months or so! I’ll miss him a ton but I wish him the best of luck!  (I also told him it was mandatory that he eat at Chipotle at least once haha).

As for this summer, I’ve applied for a position at an English speaking summer camp on the beach in Malaga. The mother of one of the families that I give clases particulares to put in a great word for me, so I’m sure I’d be hired instantly (at least that’s what the email said). I just have to wait until they know how many students they’ll have and then the number of teachers they’ll need.

Also there’s the possibility that my family will come out. Couldn’t be more excited for that!

Everything else in Madrid is going smoothly and normal. It’s just routine now. I’m getting ready for a change. If I don’t teach next year, great. I would really like to get my Master’s so I can find a “real job” but if it doesn’t work out, getting TEFL certified and moving somewhere else doesn’t sound too bad either.

Furthermore, I’ve been continuing with my studies of French and I absolutely love it. My French teacher, Valentin, is the coolest guy ever and he shreds at Jazz Manouche guitar. The language is proving to be pretty challenging but I’m loving it as much as I loved learning Spanish. It looks like I’ll be dedicating a lot more time to learning French as it’s slowly becoming something that I feel really excited and passionate about. It makes me wonder if I loved learning Spanish because it’s Spanish or if I just love learning languages, because speaking in French now gives me the same butterflies that Spanish did when I was first learning that. Who knows?

Anyway, off to enjoy this nice Sunday morning,


4 thoughts on “Life Update #9

  1. Glad to see another post from you, I’d been wondering what you were up to. i’m sure something that’s a better fit for you will turn up for your future studies. I’ll also be in Amsterdam starting Sunday, I think, and I’m reaaaaally excited to see it too!


  2. Good to see you posting again! I’m sure things will work out grad-school wise, fingers crossed for you. I’ll be in Amsterdam starting Monday, I think…suuuuper excited!


  3. Are those private French lessons you’re taking? How much do you pay (if I may ask)? I started learning French last year in my final two semesters of college. I’ve been trying to keep practicing on my own this year, but I think a class would help me so much more.

    I’m not sure if it’s the Spanish language itself or just the fact that it’s a second language that makes learning/speaking Spanish so enjoyable. I’d like to work up to an intermediate/advanced level of French, and then maybe try learning a non-Romance language.


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