In regards to “serious business”

And by serious business, I think I mean “party business.”

So it’s official. My life is perfect.

Evidence? Here you go:

  1. Friday I’m going to Salamanca with all my friends for the whole weekend! Gonna be nothing short of a riot.
  2. December 8-11 I’ll be in Pisa/Florence/Bologna. Just finished making my final hostel reservation (PARTY hostel!) Couldn’t be more stoked!
  3. Tickets all purchased to get my skinny-self to and from Paris/Niort from December 23-30. Gonna be one of the best Christmas’ ever, especially since I’ll be with two of my best friends!  Spending x-mas with Chloé and her family (I guess their adopting me since my family is going to Florida without me), and then I’m going to spend 4 days with Britt in Paris.  Yes, this is all official. Plane tickets have been purchased by all participating parties.
  4. Then, in late December/early January, I get to see all kinds of friends: Jeana and one of her friends is coming out, Britt, of course, Chris Kelley will most likely be spending New Year’s with us here (repeat of last year? I sure hope so!), and some of our friends from Italy and France will be staying with us. And by “some” of our friends, I’m mean 14 of them! It’s going to be more mayhem. Bring. It. On.

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