A couple of funny things

Primera Cosa: I’ve mentioned this before and I know that anyone that has ever been to Madrid knows that The Ramones t-shirt is something mythic, legendary, or should I say essential to everyone’s wardrobe. At any given moment you could run into a group of people and I guarantee that at least one person will be wearing a Ramones shirt. It’s the one article of clothing that business executives to street thugs, from high-school nerds to all-star soccer players all wear. According an article (read the full story here),

“Setting aside the galling ubiquity of stands selling Ramones T-shirts, it had a lot of cool stuff, from handmade jewelry to playful dolls to bins of LP’s to change purses made of old comic strips. “

The downer to all of this is that I doubt that anyone actually listens to The Ramones.

And all of this skepticism was confirmed this week. I was discussing music with some of my students in class and I saw one child wearing a Ramones shirt.  So I pointed to it and said, “Oh yeah, I really like The Ramones.” And one of the girls in my class says, “What?! That’s a band? I thought that was a brand!”

A part of me died in that moment.

Segunda Cosa: This one will really make you chuckle. I’m teaching a few sections of P.E. this year. Enough said.

One thought on “A couple of funny things

  1. Primera cosa: Welcome to Spain, my friend. There were Misfits tees years ago, and a lot of people thought it was a brand too.

    Segunda cosa: I bet you look awkward in P.E. classes xD


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