Birthdays away from home

So I have successfully spent my first birthday away from home.  And of course we lived it up in the true Madrid-fashion, thanks to all my friends and roommates. Honestly, I’ve got some of the most thoughtful roommates you could ever ask for. They made two birthday cakes for me and even got me presents! That was certainly unexpected! Although it would have been nice to have celebrated at home, it was definitely cool to see all my friends here come together.

So here’s the update:

  • Carlo took me out Tuesday night to have one too many drinks for my birthday (plus it was the first night we had seen each other in months.)
  • On Wednesday, all my friends got together for dinner at Cien Montaditos, which then led half of us to a club called Orange that was full of erasmus students. It got me thinking too. You know that scene in Dazed and Confused when Mathew McConaughey talks about all the high school girls? It made me think of that. Because last year, we met tons of erasmus students, and now that it’s September, Madrid is full of them again. And Wednesday night, in that moment I was exactly one year older, but the erasmus students were all the same. Interesting…
  • So Friday night, my roommates threw the official Season Premiere/Birthday Party. I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in months. We all went out afterwards to our favorite place, Rock N’ Rolla, (which is now called SuperSonic, but essentially it’s the same place with the same music.) We all had a blast. Definitely one of the best times we’ve had there.
  • For my birthday, my roommates got me a novel, Los renglones torcidos de Dios, and a travel journal in French because;
  • I’m officially signed up to take a French course starting October 4th. I’m highly looking forward to it. And my roommates of course noticed my excitement and thought it’d be an appropriate gift. Boy, did they hit that one on the head.
  • Bought a ticket to see Chloé in Brussels on the 30th of this month. Can’t wait to see her and explore a new city!
  • Tonight, I’ll be going out with all the Italians to watch AC Milan play.

Write more later,



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