Back in Madrid

The flight back to my second home was smooth, especially since I got to share the first leg of it with my mother. We watched some terrible scary movie on the way, but it was nice to have the company. I wish she could have continued the journey with me all the way to Madrid.

The strangest things seem to go through my head when I travel. When I was flying over the Atlantic Ocean, I began to think about all the people in the world in that moment. I thought about all the people in Europe, asleep since it was night time. I thought about all the people that live in tribes in Africa that would be sleeping in their huts. But then I thought of the people in Australia and Asia who would be awake going about their lives. It’s this immense feelling, thinking about all the millions of people in the world and how for some reason, I felt like one of the most important ones. Just floating up there, thousands of feet above one of the largest bodies of water in the world, me, someone worth something, to go to a new place, an exciting place, just to try and make it like the rest of the people in the world.

And then there’s Madrid. It has this feeling that you only notice when you first arrive. It’s a feeling I’ve gotten every single time I’ve come here. It’s got this certain air about it, a smell, some strange but familiar emotion. I’m not sure how to describe it, but I guess it’s just… “Madrid.”

So far it’s been great: I arrived to my old apartment with it completely deserted except for Carlo’s sister, Federica, whom I love dearly. That first night I went out with her and her girl friends. Damos una vuelta por Huertas. You know, the usual club/bar hopping shenanigans I’m so used to here.

I also got to see Marta, but she was exhausted because she went to the beach all weekend. We just grabbed a quick beer and sat in one of the local plazas here to catch up. It’s so great seeing her.

The following day I got to see Julian finally, Caroline, our French roommate, and I met our new roommate, Erika, who is from Bologna, Italy. She’s very sweet and is studying Modern Languages, so she knows Portuguese, French, Spanish, English, and of course, Italian. Talk about me being jealous…

I’ve also already started teaching my private English classes and it’s been pretty great seeing “my kids” again. They are all really wonderful.

It also turns out that not only is my pal Carlo returning to live with us this year (he should arrive tonight sometime), another friend of ours, Nicoletta, is coming back to take some acting class. I’m very excited to have more of our original crew back together.

This afternoon, I signed up for a French class and I’m in the process of buying a plane ticket to Brussels to visit Chloé. There’s also talk of a trip to Paris this month. But we’ll see.

Overall, I’m so far very happy knowing that my friends are all returning, and I’ve got great trips to look forward. And I’m making much more cash this year. Yes!

Write more later,


P.S. I turn 24 tomorrow O_o

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