Stay Br00tal

So here’s the update on life aside from all the amazing traveling I’ve been doing.

Went to this the other night. Finally got to see The Band Apart, one of the sickest death metal/BREE-BREE-ARGGH-ARGGH bands in Madrid. It was a four-hour long show of all out br00talness. The inner hardcore kid in me certainly got it’s pleasure met.

I almost missed the show too. One of the bands on the set list, Silent Havoc, had just added me on twitter that same day. I went to their myspace page, listened to their stuff (they actually sounded really good and were incredible live) and while I was on their myspace, I saw a flyer with The Band Apart listed. I discovered The Band Apart on my own about a year ago and the first song I heard by them had me immediately entranced (click the link above to hear the song that got me hooked. You may be surprised how much you’ll enjoy it). I’ve been following their tours and such online since I’ve been here so that I can finally see them live since after all, they are from Madrid, but they’ve been running all over Europe so I haven’t had the fortune of seeing them yet.

Well, I saw that flyer and I looked at the date. April 6th. I immediately thought the date had passed, but fortunately, it hadn’t! My heart jumped with excitement! Only 5 euros too! But the show was going to start in about 10 minutes. I jumped on the metro and arrived about 10 minutes before they started the concert (things in Spain always start late). On the whole, the concert was excellent, all the bands were amazing, and I think my ears are still dripping with bl00d from all the br00talness of the amazingly br00tal metal show. METAL! :D

By the way, I bought this little ditty.

As for this weekend, we threw a beer pong party to give the Europeans a little lesson on American partyism. Ha, boy was that ridiculous! Surprisingly, I brought my A game (ask my brother, I’m usually awful at beer pong), but I guess the inner-Dylan Cruise came out in me and, as we say in da hood, I tore it up.  Anyway, it was a riot watching A) Chloe get completely pissed off because she so terrible, B) See all these elegant French/Spanish girls playing an American frat-house sport, and C) Seeing unlikely pairings dominate the game. Overall, everyone had a blast and I think this American pastime may have a return tournament sometime soon. Also, we bought like 55 liters of beer for the event since you CANNOT buy kegs/taps here in Spain (what’s up with that!?). I was worried we wouldn’t have enough beer, but now our house is nearly swimming with beer because there is so much leftover. Looks like we’ll be drinking it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next 3 months.

I still haven’t heard about the job interview so no news on that. Still hoping that comes through.

I bought a guitar, finally. Her name is, thanks to Marta, María Jose, which is probably the ugliest girls name in the world. But I feel like it’s appropriate. And hilarious.

Furthermore, the travels in my life keep coming. Starting Thursday, I have 12 days off from work for Semana Santa (or Holy Week). So, I may be going to Sevilla for a few days, but I am definitely going down to a town called Torremolinos, which is right outside of Málaga (which we will likely visit as well) in the South of Spain. We will be staying with my buddy Reuben who has an apartment by the beach. So I’ll be hanging out with my friends, swimming in the playa, and drinking all that beer leftover from our beer pong event. So stoked!

Then, in May, Kara will arrive and she, Kevin, and I are going to Oporto, Portugal for a weekend, then the following weekend we’ll be going to Granada, then the next weekend I’m going to Lyon, France to visit Erin Berg. I’m really looking forward to seeing Kara and Erin! And Portugal and France! I bought my plane ticket to France yesterday (why plane tickets from Madrid to Lyon are so expensive beats me, I could have flown to Paris, London, Milan, or even Stockholm for half the price…) but I think it’s worth the money to see Erin Berg since we’ve always talked about seeing each other in Europe (where we belong, as she says). So everything is going great!

If you want to join in on the festivities, come out and visit! Plane tickets are cheap…. >_______>

Write more later,


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