New Job???

So last week I received a strange, mysterious phone call while I was at work from the Ministerio de Educación de Madrid. They asked to do an interview today.  I tried to ask why they wanted to interview me, but he was unable to say on the phone. I asked if all of us “auxiliares” had to do an interview and he said, nope, just you.  So i went to this “interview” all dressed up like I should be for an interview, and it turns out, they wanted to talk to me about doing something a little bit different next year. They saw that I had a degree in History and next year they want to implement some new sort of program where the English teachers actually teach courses they are specialized in, rather than just English classes.

So they said I’d be teaching Geography and History at a Secondary school (high school), that is if they liked me (hopefully I interviewed well). They also said there’d be a pay raise. As much as I don’t want to get my hopes up, I’ve got them up for this job because it would be absolutely perfect. First of all, it’d be a “real” job.  Second, I’d be teaching History which is essentially why I went to college in the first place. But the best part is I’d be teaching History here in Spain. And in English. I’m going to try to keep it out of my mind, but I really hope this works out because it sounds, well, perfect.

Write more later,


One thought on “New Job???

  1. What a great opporunity! When working as an auxiliar as a journalist, I taught bilingual music, art and technology. Definetely a step in the right direction for the MEC. enhorabuena, let’s see if it picks up in the south!


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