As for this weekend, it’s been pretty tranquil, except yesterday, I took a day trip down to Chinchón with my friend Cristina. It’s a small and wonderful  typical Spanish town forty-five minutes from Madrid. We took the bus to get there. For the most part, the weather was perfect, except for the threatening, all bark-no bite, thunder clouds that hovered the city in the afternoon. The only thing to really see is the Plaza Mayor, or the little plaza they’ve got in the city center. It was actually wonderful, despite it’s small size. With the typical Spanish homes and buildings surrounded this tiny little, circular court yard, with the most ridiculous characters riding donkeys around in circles was absolutely splendid.

We grabbed lunch upstairs: It was still a bit windy and chilly to eat outside, even though all the patios were lined with tables and chairs. We ate a nice lunch, took a small walk through the rest of the little town, and caught the train back home. My roommates and I are planning on going back at the beginning of the summer to sit outside and enjoy the plaza in the sunlight. I’m looking forward to it. It’s little, quaint Spanish towns like this one that makes me love this country so much. The people are friendly, the scenery is to die for, the ancient buildings are unbelievable, and the wine is almost always the best. I loved Chinchón, including it’s ridiculous and comical name (it means nothing, but just saying “Chinchón” out loud is a lot of fun).

Write more later,


PS Don’t miss my favorite picture from the trip -> here

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