New Stuff

Our new roommate is finally here! However, we haven’t seen much of him since he’s been so busy doing whatever it is that he does. But we are all pretty content with him being here. Jorge is still with us until the 16th when he flies off to Puerto Rico. Currently he’s residing in our living room.

Also, I got a new bedroom. Every time someone moves out, we rotate rooms. Basically, everyone gets a better room each time someone moves and the people with the best bedrooms are those that have been there the longest. However, I am finally no longer the only person in the house with a small bed in the smallest room. I now have a very large room with way too much storage space (which Julian says having that extra space means I will just fill it all up with “mierdas”) but most importantly, I’ve got a queen sized bed! I bought my sheets yesterday making it official.

As for this blog, I just had to pay to get a space upgrade because it wouldn’t allow me to upload any more photos (which I think is ridiculous, but I guess that’s how blog sites make their money). I figured it’d be worth it to just pay the money and get the upgrade since I’ll be using this same blog over the next two years and if I can’t upload photos, what’s the point of having the blog? So here are some photos that I was unable to upload from my trip to London and also I’ll include some awesome photos Marta took of me skateboarding the other day. I hope you enjoy.

Write more later,


5 thoughts on “New Stuff

  1. That wouldn’t be Plaza Dos de Mayo, would it? My boyfriend grew up on one of those streets. And great photos – happy to have stumbled across it!


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