Avenues & Silhouettes

Tonight I went and saw a band I’ve wanted to see since I discovered who they were two and a half years ago. I went to see  them when I was studying here two years back, but I was given poor directions and to sum up an awful night, I never got to see them perform. Since then, I’ve been listening to their album almost daily because their music is so good. And finally, tonight, after waiting for so long, I got to see their last show ever with the original line up. It was freaking incredible! There was so much energy and their live performance was so much fun! The venue was complete crap but that didn’t stop them from putting on one of the best shows ever.

The band is a Madrid based Hardcore/MetalCore band called Avenues and Silhouettes.  They are really well known around Spain since they are signed and have toured all over the country. Their instrumentation is remarkable and lyrically, they are geniuses. They’re also very wise to sing in English so their music can be more marketable to all audiences world-wide.

The reason tonight was their last show with the original line up is because their lead singer is leaving the band (I don’t know why exactly). However, they’ve been searching for a new singer and about a month ago, I sent them an email saying I was interested. Now all of you that know me, I’m a HORRIBLE singer, this is nothing new, but fortunately, with a hardcore band, I’m not sure how much singing there actually is…it’s more like screaming (at the bottom of this post, you can listen to them if you dare). However, that’s not even entirely true: Their lead singer actually does sing and he’s really great at it. I know they’re looking for someone that can do both so there is no way I’d ever make it is their front man (although I’d look real good doing it).

They did email me back though when I sent them a message saying I’d like to try out. In the email, they attached a recording of a new song they had written and all people trying out had to record themselves singing/screaming to the recording. Since I just moved here to Madrid, I… A) Have no place to record myself screaming and B) Have no recording equipment. So there was really nothing I could do.

When I got to the venue tonight, there was already a pretty large line, but nothing comparable to the one I experienced in London to see Pierce the Veil/Bayside/A Day to Remember. I ended up striking up conversation with this really nice couple that stood in line in front of me. The guy plays guitar in a band and we exchanged “information” meaning facebook contact information. He said he’s starting a new project (METAL!) and I want to try and get in on it so I’ll definitely be staying in touch with him. Plus not to mention that he was really friendly. Also, him and his girl friend said I could hang with them at the show so that was really cool so I didn’t have to feel all alone. However, once I got in there, I jumped into the mosh pit and I didn’t see them until the show was over.

Anyway, as we were entering the venue, we had to pick up our tickets at the entrance since all the ticket purchases were done online. I had my ticket receipt all printed out and little did I know, but the guys collecting the tickets were two of the actual band members.  As I hand the guy my pass, he looks at me and says to me, “Hey didn’t you send us an email about singing? We haven’t heard from you.” I was shocked. Absolutely floored.

I said to him that I didn’t have any recording equipment and stuff. But he says, “Well hey,” (this time in PERFECT English), “that’s fine, let’s talk about it later okay?”

Again I’m absolutely hysterical.  It was so awesome that he recognized my name and everything. Maybe it’s because I was the only Graham Cruise that wrote to them or the only American so it couldn’t have been that difficult to figure out, but wow, I was still so surprised that he recognized my name from the one email months back. That was so rad, seriously. Still can’t believe he recognized my name…

So I talked to him after the show, this time all in Spanish, and he said that they want to give everyone a chance.  I asked him if there was a lot of interest for the position and he said yes and that they are getting a ton of bad singers (I’d be one of those). But he told me to just email him and see where it goes. So who knows, maybe I’ll be able to meet the guys and “try out.” If I can’t sing for them (which I won’t), maybe they know some people going for something heavier where the singer is all screams and less (or no) singing, or maybe there is another band looking for a guitar player, because let’s face it, I can’t sing, but I can sure shred a git-axe.  Regardless, they all seem like really cool, down to earth guys, so I think I’ll give it a shot just to see where it gets me. Even if I’m not the next lead singer (which I won’t be, I don’t even have my hopes up at all because this whole idea is just ridiculous), something good may be able to come out of this, such as having new friends. It’d be especially awesome to meet some people that listen to music that I like too, because although I am already a foreigner here, I feel even more foreign with the music I like. Death metal and Street Punk aren’t exactly Spain’s thing. It’d be great in all honesty to know some people with similar interests as me since no one here (or even there in Denver for that matter) understands my music taste.

Anyway, I had a FREAKING ball tonight and I’ve now got the t-shirt to prove it ;)

Write more later,


PS For your listening/viewing pleasure ;)))

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