Concerts and the approach of London

It’s the start of another long and stressful week but it is full of great things. I can’t sit still I’m so excited!

First, I’ll be seeing some friends periodically all week which is always a good time. But most importantly, Wednesday, I’m going to see this Spanish band called Love of Lesbian (not sure why they are called that, especially since all their songs are in Spanish…) but they are AMAZING and everyone tells me they put on an incredible live show (which according Alejandra, usually involves all the members taking their clothes off….? Not sure what to think about that, but it should be exciting!).

Then this weekend is going to be HUGE! I’m all set and ready to go to LONDON! But more importantly, I get to see BAYSIDE play with A DAY TO REMEMBER on Saturday night! I think I am more excited for that concert than actually going to London, although don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to go to London and now I finally get to!

So, despite me having to work a ton this week, all good things are coming! I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!

Write more later,


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