Yesterday, I woke up much earlier than expected and I got up and on a complete whim decided to go to Aranjuez. Aranjuez is a town 45 minutes outside of Madrid and it’s got the Cercanias or city train that goes straight there, so that means I didn’t even have to pay to get there. I just had to use my monthly metro pass and it got me all the way there.

I went by myself but that’s okay, it was really nice getting out of the city. Aranjuez was small, but beautiful. There was the old summer get-away for the king and queen back in the 16th Century. There were beautiful gardens, well, at least I assume they’d be beautiful. Since it’s the middle of Winter, everything was dead, but I can only imagine how incredible it must look during the summer when everything is in full bloom. Surrounding the Royal Palace (which is where the King and Queen would go to spend their summers) was similar to the Royal Palace here in Madrid, but this one was pink and it’s backdrop was a river instead of city streets. The whole Palace is surrounded by these amazing gardens that sit right on the edge of the river.

I got lunch there in a cafe and had a surprisingly excellent bocadillo (sandwich) and beer. I just hung out for a little bit and watched people walk by.

Afterward, I did a little bit more wandering, but there wasn’t a whole lot to see there. However, I got to take a ton of pictures and overall, I’m glad I went. It was a nice relaxing day outside of Madrid, or should I say, a nice relaxing day in another undiscovered part of Madrid.  I had an incredibly stressful week this week because I had a job training to attend, and on top of adding an extra 5 hours to my regular job, I still had to maintain all of my individual private classes. I felt like I was literally running from place to place without stop. That’s honestly how it was. I was literally running everywhere. I just couldn’t catch a break. I think some things need to change…I’m going to talk to my private lessons for more money (apparently I’m getting ripped off), and I think I’m going to stop giving classes to one family because the children don’t listen and they call me names like “tonto.”

But this weekend has so far proved to be quite adventurous, relaxing, and a little bit exciting. Last night I went out with all my roommates. We chose a new location called MoonDance and it was alright. It’s a pretty small place but it was good enough for us to have a great time dancing. What I do isn’t exactly “dancing,” I like to call it “moving uncoordinatedly to a beat” but yes, we had a great time dancing.

As for now, I’m lying in bed, it’s Sunday morning and I’m not sure where today is going to take me, but I don’t think it’ll be Aranjuez.

Write more later,



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