Good Things Ahead!

Hello world,

When I got to Spain, I made a vow that I wouldn’t leave the country until my stay was over. But I’ve just made two exceptions to that rule and I’m not disappointed with my decision. In fact, I am so excited I could barely sleep last night.

So basically what happened was that I was going to fly to Lyon, France in February, I was going to have to ditch work on Friday to do this because the only flight from Madrid to Lyon the day I wanted to go is at 1:30pm so I’d have to lie and call in sick or something. There is going to be a concert there that I’d really love to see because one of my all-time favorite bands is playing there: A Day to Remember. Plus, when I saw that they were touring Europe and not coming to Madrid, I thought I should see if they were playing somewhere else that was cool and easy to get to. Well my friend Erin Berg will be studying abroad there this semester and so I figured I could go see ADTR andddd Erin Berg all in the same weekend. Plus, I’d get to see a really neat French town, meet new people, and of course spend the weekend with Erin, which we all know would be a blast (for those that don’t know Erin Berg, well, she’s one out-going gal, let’s put it that way).

But then, as of two days ago, I was on twitter, and I was stalking, sorrying, not stalking, researching, one of my other favorite bands, Bayside, and they put up one post that made my heart fly right up to my throat cutting off all my air and circulation. It said: Just got added to A Day to Remember’s tour through the UK. I about died because I don’t think I could have ever imagined a better line up for a show. I immediately went to the site to see where and when they’d both be playing together because let’s face it, I HAVE to go see this show.

Turns out, February 5th, they will be in London. I’ve always dreamed of going there and now this is my chance I suppose. What better way could I spend the weekend in London than see two of my favorite bands? It’s going to be AMAZING!!! I can’t hardly wait. I’m more excited to see the show than actual London I think, which is really sad, but I really love these bands.

So I’m going. I’ve also heard London now has Chipotle so I’ll definitely be hitting that up.

However, as great as all of this sounds, as of the moment I still have no flight. I have my hostel booked (which the hostel I booked is supposedly a party hostel with a bar below the establishment with live music almost every night), my concert ticket is purchased, but I still have no flight. I would have my flight arranged if Ryanair wasn’t so freaking worthless. I’ve tried to make the reservation about 55 times now with three different credit cards and it still doesn’t work. I’ve called their hotline 3 times, spent probably 20 euros in phone calls to them (they charge some ridiculous prices to call them), and then they told me that it still declined my card for whatever reason. I would go find another flight on a different website but Ryanair has the best deal and the best flight times so I want to fly with them. The woman I just spoke with on the phone said that I should be able to make the reservation in 3 or 4 hours from now because she’s going to send my name and card information to her supervisors or something and it should work then. Let’s hope it works because this is really frustrating.

Anyway, on to the routine stuff.

It has been feeling like summer here, it’s been about 60º here for the past few days. I’ve hung my coat up and I hope I won’t have to pull it out any more.

Also, I have a lot of friends that are going to be studying abroad this semester so that’s really exciting. I just read their blogs/emails and they all have told me how they’re excited and how sad it’s been to say goodbye to friends and all the emotions that are racing through their bodies right now. It’s really fun to see this because I went through all that four months ago and I know exactly how they feel. I’m very excited though, for my friends to get out of Denver and come here to Europe. In fact, a friend of mine, Kevin, is coming here to Madrid and will be staying his first night here with us.  Jeana is going to Cyprus which I am so happy about, I know she’s going to have an incredible experience. And Erin Berg is going to Lyon. I’m looking forward to seeing Lyon some other time to visit her since I don’t need to go in February to see ADTR now that I’ll be seeing them in London, but I will definitely be paying her a visit. As for Jeana, I don’t think I’ll make it to Cyprus, but she is coming here in June so hopefully I will see her then.

Anyway, I’m going to go get some coffee and go read a book in the grass in my favorite park here. Gonna enjoy the nice weather :)

Write more later,


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