Denver comes to Madrid

This update is long over due, I realize this.

I have just been so incredibly busy there past few weeks. But mostly I didn’t update because of a lack of motivation and because my parents were here.

I am so glad that they got to come out here! We really had a great time seeing the city and catching up. But to me, the best part was finally being able to share something that really means a lot to me with them. I got to show them everything I’ve been talking about for the past two years of my life. I finally got to show them this place that I love so much. I got to show them places that I hang out, places that I like, people that I love, and that to me was incredibly important. I don’t know if they cared about a lot of the things that we saw, for example, they made a righteous mockery of the Reina Sofia art museum, but other than that, I think they may be able to understand why I love Madrid/Spain so much.

We spent a day in Salamanca, which is now one of my absolute favorite cities in Spain. It’s a small university town, but it’s loaded with beautiful architecture, large churches, amazing cathedrals, and the food was pretty incredible. Spending the day there with them was great because they got to see a different side of Spain outside of Madrid, because let’s face it, Madrid may not be the best representation of the rest of the country.

Anyway, they’re gone now, and I miss them very very much. I miss my brother too, I wish he could have come out.

The past week I worked my butt off and I’m completely exhausted. Also, my boss from the Study Abroad Office has been here this week and I’ve met up with him twice now. It was really great seeing him and his girl friend, EJ who is a riot! I am going to see them one last time tonight before they head back to the States tomorrow. Tonight, I’ve also got exciting plans, my photography school is having a x-mas dinner party! So I’ll get to meet all kinds of other people from the school and enjoy the open bar! :)

Anyway, Rachel gets here on Wednesday and I’ve got a crazy-hectic week ahead of me, but I don’t work Friday so it’s X-mas break very soon. Can’t even wait.


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