My time here has been incredible. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually don’t want to go back to Madrid. I mean, I love Madrid, but it has been so fun here in this rainy, small town. Plus, when I return to Madrid I have responsibilities and a job and I’m already getting tired of my routine, which is pretty sad since I’m only 2 months into my job here in Spain.

I guess it really is true when they say the people make the place. Chris and I laughed the entire time we were here. We always have the best time and now that I’m a few short hours from leaving here and I’m in Santiago and Chris is in Villagarcia (he had to work), I already feel nostalgic about how fun this weekend has been. I really wish Chris and I lived closer, but fortunately flights from here are very cheap. We plan on visiting each other at least once a month.

As for the rest of the trip, it was completely hilarious and fun. Yesterday we hung around with Chris’s friends and watched too many episodes of “18 and counting,” which is actually quite embarssingly addictive. You can watch it on YouTube if you’re really interested…it’s a show about a very religious family that has 18 children. We watched it with European students and they all kept asking us if it was really like that in the United States. We set them straight immediately by saying that is NOTHING like the rest of the country.

This morning, I woke up in Chris’s town. It’s very small, but it right up against the ocean which is beautiful. I woke up after he had left to go to work, but as I was about to leave to go exploring, I pulled on the front door handle and to my dismay, it refused to open. I pulled and tugged, and turned and twisted, and the door refused to open. That’s when I realized you had to open it with a key. I texted Chris saying” Um….I’m locked inside your apartment. Save me!” He ended up showing up an hour later to let me out. It was pretty hilarious if you ask me that I got trapped inside his apartment.

We went and got a nice breakfast in the city center but he had to get back to work shortly thereafter. I wandered for a little while longer but then I ended up catching the train back to Santiago de Compostela, where I’m at now. I won’t see Chris at all today since I fly back to Madrid and he won’t get off of work until I’m close to leaving here.

It’s raining, and I lost my umbrella on the train. Some kid tapped my shoulder after I climbed off and said it fell. I went back but the train was gone and there was no umbrella to be found.

I wandered Santiago for a while longer but retired at a coffee shop to relax. I’ve got a few more hours to kill  here but I’ve already seen everything and it’s raining.

So my overall summary of Galicia is this:
It’s absolutely gorgeous. I compare it to being the “Seattle of Spain.” It’s seriously raining here 24/7, but it’s so green and wonderful. Also, anyone with the last name of “Castro,” including Fidel Castro, originated in Galicia. Also, they don’t speak Spanish here, they speak Gallego. It’s basically Portuguese, but if you tell that to someone here, they’ll get really mad. The language is very close to Spanish, but yes, of course they also do speak Spanish. It’s a bit conservative here, but that’s okay. The way they speak Spanish though is very sing-songy, it’s very airy and light, almost like Italian, but it’s a nice change to the rough accent of Madrid. Everyone we’ve met though has been really great and have wanted to show us a good time so that definitely makes me want to come back.

The streets here are all cobblestone and tight. It’s a very typical, small, European city, but it’s incredibly gorgeous, especially compared to Madrid which is a pretty dirty city. Don’t get me wrong, Madrid is amazing, but being way out here in the country, close to the ocean is nice to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of Madrid.

Anyway, enjoy the photos.



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