Ever since I moved here, I had been considering finding another job to make some more cash on the side, but it’s been pretty difficult not being a “resident” until about a week ago. But a friend of mine, Lola, who is in my photography class, put me into contact with a friend of hers who has two children that need English tutoring because in Spain all children have to take some English speaking exam at the end of the year and if they don’t pass, they get held back. So Lola sent me an email and copied it to this woman and now I start TODAY teaching her kids! I’m very excited because she’s going to be paying me straight up cash under the table. I’ll be with the kids four hours a week, which isn’t a whole lot but that means I get 40 extra euros a week for whatever I want! Also, she has two friends that have children that need an English teacher, so Belén, that’s this woman’s name, is going to give me the phone numbers of the other women and hopefully I’ll be teaching their children as well for some more money. I’m very excited about this not only because I’m getting paid, but I think it will be cool to see the inside of a Spanish family. Anyway, thank you, Lola for the hook up! I’ll let you all know how it goes. Tonight I’m just meeting the family, and tomorrow I’ll actually start teaching them. SCORE!

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