Becoming “Official”

Good news!!!!!!! I finally got my NIE (which in English stands for Foreigner Identification Number). This means I am a temporary resident of Spain.  Still, in 40 days, I will be able to pick up my TIE, which is my Foreigner Identification Card that will bear my NIE and my picture, fingerprint, and signature. I’ll be really REALLY official then.

But, I can now finally open up a bank account, and more importantly, get a library card! :D Currently, I’m borrowing three books: One from Blanca, one from one of my teachers in Getafe, and one from Marta, my roommate. And I can’t put down the one Marta gave me! The book is called Manolito Gafotas (Little Manolo Four-eyes), and it’s so funny! It’s honestly the perfect book for me to be reading. First of all, the book is written for young adults, so the vocabulary is pretty easy to understand. Also, the author uses all the slang specific to Madrid, so just by reading it, I’m learning how people here speak on the streets. So far it’s been pretty helpful in my Spanish comprehension. But above all, it honestly is a great story, and apparently there is a whole series of them. I can’t wait to read them all and be able to speak perfect Madrid-Spanish :)

Today at school, we went to the Botanic Gardens here! FIELD TRIP!  It was really beautiful there and it was great to get out of the class room.  We took public transportation to get there too. The average citizens that were riding the bus were probably like “what is going on here!?” as 40 first graders boarded it.  Just riding the bus was an adventure all on its own. They clearly don’t use yellow school buses like we do.

Also, my kids are getting so good at English, I’m really noticing an improvement. They are going to be so good by the end of the year! They are starting to speak actual sentences. It’s really cool to see.

After school, I met up with an old friend of mine, Vanesa, who I met two years ago when I first came to Spain. She and I lived in the dorm together and we finally were able to meet up this week. We went and got a beer (okay, I got beer and she ordered a coca cola), and we talked for several hours and it was terrific being able to catch up with her.

On Monday, I met up with another friend, David, who lives in Getafe. We also got a beer and chatted for like 2 or 3 hours. He’s a real good guy, and hilarious too. It’s been nice to see so many friends this week :)

Monday we fumigate our cockroaches…oh yeah, we have cockroaches in the house. Pretty sweet right?

All is still going well here.

Write more later,



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