On Saturday, I went to Segovia! I was supposed to go to Valladolid to see The Horrors (whom I loveeeee and I’d lovveeee to see them live! They’re British) and Lori Meyers (Spanish band, totally awesome. BTW their band name comes from a NoFX song but you have to pronounce their name like you speak Spanish and not English. Here they aren’t straight up called “Lori Meyers,” you have to say it like this: LOW-DI MEI-YERRS)  and some other awesome Spanish bands in this two day festival called TwoDay Festival (catchy) but the show got canceled. I went through all this trouble trying to find a place to stay there since I didn’t realize the festival was taking place until about November 2nd. The festival was for the 5th and the 6th. I ended up creating an account on CouchSurfing because it’s a free way of finding a place to stay. Basically what it is is a young peoples networking site and you can list your apartment, or “couch” for travelers to come stay. I wrote to a number of people really quick to see if they had places. Normally I would have stayed in a hostel but they were all really expensive so I figured I’d give the free-route a shot. Anyway, I ended up getting a response from two people saying I could stay at their places, however, I didn’t realize this until about 30 minutes before I was leaving so I accidentally committed to both of them without realizing it. And at first, I told one of them I wouldn’t make it because the show was canceled, and then I somehow wrote the other guy saying I’d be there that afternoon, and then I changed my mind and decided to go anyway just because you only live once, right? So then I had to tell one of them I would definitely be coming, after I told him I wasn’t. Had to write to the other guy saying I would be staying with the other guy, but maybe we could get beers once I got there.

Then I went to the train station, missed my train, and I sat in the train station for quite a while trying to decide what to do. The next train wouldn’t leave for another 2 hours and it was actually really expensive to get there at that point. So I bailed. I just decided to stay in Madrid since all my omens were telling me not to go. I wrote the kid back thanking him for putting up with me and for offering me a place to stay. Later that night, the other guy texted me asking me where I was at to get a drink because apparently he had no plans for the night. But I just didn’t make it. However, I’m glad to know that there are good, nice people out there willing to take care of a clearly confused American boy.

So I spent the night in Madrid, and ended up having a BLAST with my roommates. This is standard proceedge.

[That’s slang for procedure, js.]

{[ Js is just saying.]}

So Julia and I then decided that we should go to Segovia which was kind of the plan all along until I realized that there was this awesome but canceled, unbeknownst to me, festival in Valladolid. So we went to Segovia and it was WONDERFUL!

First we got to sleep in. Till 10:30 at least. Then we got tickets simply and got on the train. It took less than 30 minutes to get there, which really surprised me. Once we arrived with all the other hundreds of tourists, we caught a simple bus for a simple 88 eurocents, and we ended up in the middle of a beautiful, old, classic-European city. We started to head towards the Roman Aqueducts which is one of three main sites there. They were simple to find: They stood above everything. We were both starving at this point so we grabbed a quick café con leche (which never gets old), and an enormous baguette with a bunch of stuff: Cheese, Spanish ham, sausage, the works. It was delicious and the first thing I’ve seen in Europe that wasn’t bite size.

Then we photographed the Aqueducts to death, but it was so incredible to see them! These are left over from the Roman empire people, and they’re all the way out in the middle of Spain!

Then we proceeded to this giant Cathedral which was so gorgeous! The square in front of it was bustling with people, the trees were all half-leafless and all the leaves that did remain had changed color, the sky was a perfect cloudless blue, and the air was the perfect temperature. Honestly, it was a perfect day.

Julia went inside and paid the miserable 3 euros to see its inners. I opted out of paying the money and seeing the inside of the church for a number of reasons.

1. I don’t give money to churches 2. What a scam! 3 euros!? That’s almost a Chipotle burrito here people! 3. I’ve already seen a hundred European churches and they are all the same.

So I wandered around outside while she wandered around inside. Chris called me and it was nice to hear from him. I’ll be seeing him in two weeks and we are both very excited.

After Julia finally came out of the cathedral, we made our way to our final destination: some castle. But not just any castle. Supposedly it’s the castle that inspired Walt Disney when he drew up the castle for the film Sleeping Beauty. This may be just a rumor that’s going around the internet, but regardless, the castle was really neat. Here, I did pay the miserable 6 euros to go in (4 to get in, and another 2 to go to the top). The castle was so beautiful, but it was the landscape that really got me. You could see mountains with snowy tops, trees in the valleys all dark greens, browns, and yellows, and the sun was shining perfectly in the crystal-clear blue skies. It was pretty surreal. You could also see the cathedral which sat at the top of the town. Please look at my pictures, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Anyway, we then headed back. We grabbed some Coca-Cola’s (which are way better here btw) and chips because we were starving, and we caught the simple bus back to the simple train and simply rode home in less than 30 minutes.

As soon as I got back, dead exhausted, Chloe and Jorge, two of my roommates said they were going to go for a walk around the city. Apparently Chloe wanted to buy some boots or something so Jorge and I decided to tag along. I didn’t care to be back home, and despite me being really tired, I went and I’m really glad I did.

We ended up blowing off boot shopping almost immediately at Jorge’s suggesting of getting drinks at El Tigre, which is one of the most famous Tapas bars in Madrid. Actually, I think it is THE most famous. So we went, and as usual it was jam-packed with people, but it’s always a fun experience there. We started off with beer and a mogollón of tapas. That means A TON of tapas. And I mean A TON! It was Graham-sized, so I was very satisfied. It was way better than the crappy pasta I was gonna make at home, that’s for sure.

The rest of the night went as usual, hanging with friends and having a good time.

Okay, that’s all for now.

Write more later,


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