a trancas y barrancas…

This post may be very long. I hope to keep it short and sweet but it’s been a while since my last update…

My photography class went much better this week. We had to bring in pictures of our routine of any random day. I took some pretty random pictures, and the teacher actually liked a fair amount of them. She also gave me tips on how to improve them.
After class, the teacher invited me to go with her to a concert which turned out to be great! We went with two other classmates who are all really nice and supportive of my Spanish. Everyone gets a kick out of teaching me random phrases and curse words so I’m learning tons which I love. The concert was terrific! The last band was the best, they had a huge group: Dual singers (one boy and a girl), guitar, mandolin, bass, drums, and violin. But the best part was that they were from Catalunia which means that they spoke not only Spanish, but Catalan and all their songs were sung in Catalan. It sounded a lot like French and it made them sound really pretty. I don’t know what their band name is but I’ll find out. They were terrific and I’d like to listen to them more.

So Friday at school was AWESOME! I want to clarify something before I get into the thick of my blog here.

As much as it may seem like I don’t like kids, I do like kids. I absolutely LOVE all my first graders. THey are terrific. It’s kids that are younger I don’t enjoy because I can’t relate. But my first graders in both my schools are so incredible and I love spending time with them all. I’m so curious to see what they become in the future. They’ve all already learned so much English and it’s really impressive to see how quickly they’ve caught on to the language and how well some of them can react to what I tell them. At my school here in Getafe, there is a boy named Iftehar (If-tay-arr) who is from Bangladesh and speaks fluent Spanish and Bangali or whatever language they speak there. But his English is easily the best in the class. He can almost form complete sentences and he understands me and the teacher perfectly. He is so fun to watch, I love seeing him communicate in English. It’s very rewarding and I’m a very proud teacher :D

So back to Friday….

I got to my school in Getafe and I discussed my issues with the other school and my director there will be talking to the head lady of the program just to express her concerns. Apparently Javier and I aren’t the only ones that think the management is a bit misguided at my school here in Madrid.
But it was Halloween at school on Friday! We got to draw ghosts and bats and things and discuss Halloween in the United States. But the best part was the candy! My teacher even brought me ANOTHER gift! I couldn’t believe it! She brought me a small little pumpkin tin can full of candies :) She is so sweet I can’t believe it! I left school on Friday feeling on top of the world. It was a great feeling :D

Saturday was pretty uneventful but we went out Saturday night of course. And that’s always a good time.

I slept mostly all day on Sunday because I was exhausted at this point. Julia and I ended up going for a walk to a previously undiscovered part of the city and when I came home I ended up crashing and sleeping till a little after ten. Then I hurriedly ate dinner and got ready for Halloween night.

I ended up going to Ale and Blanca’s apartment because they were having some friends over. At about 3 in the morning we left their place and went looking for a club or bar, but we mostly just wandered around the streets for about an hour because you had to pay to get into every place. We ended running into Julia, Chloe, and Chloe’s sister who was visiting for a few days (Chloe’s parents were also here. They are quite the impressive family actually, their father is American and their mother is French and the girls are both bilingual, and the mother speaks English with a very thick accent, but the father speaks both French and English. It was neat watching them speak together in a mix of French and English. They were all very nice).

So eventually we found a dive bar and just hung out there for the rest of the night. We returned home at about 5:30am. It was a really fun night. I also saw a guy on the street wearing a sweatshirt that said “Longmont, Colorado” on the back. I went up and talked to him about it and asked if he had been there. He said he bought it in Madrid hahah I found that hilarious, but he was impressed I was from there.

Then Monday, I did absolutely nothing. I went for a walk and got a Kebab because I was just feeling too tired and lethargic to cook. Plus almost everything in the city was closed because yesterday was “All Saint’s Day,” which is a day to honor the dead in a positive way. Everyone in Spain goes to the graves of their deceased loved ones and they clean the headstones and bring flowers. It’s a very religious tradition but celebrated by almost everyone here. I find it very neat, but of course I didn’t join in with the traditions.

As for now, my Spanish is coming along well, but I get frustrated at times. I can understand almost everyone, except, of course (just my luck), my classmates. So I can communicate with everyone but in my class, I got stuck with the world’s faster Spanish speakers so it’s nearly impossible to understand but that’s okay. I’ll get the hang of it eventually I suppose.

One thing for sure is that my vocabulary is expanding widely and verbal tenses are improving. At least I think so ha. My accent still sucks, but when people ask me where I’m from, I tell them my accent is funny because I’m from Sevilla, Spain and not Madrid. They don’t believe me, but that’s okay ^_^

Write more later,


One thought on “a trancas y barrancas…

  1. “I absolutely LOVE all my first graders. It’s kids that are younger I don’t enjoy because I can’t relate. ”
    Now that’s funny! Not sure if I should be worried about you cuz you are 23 yrs. old and can relate to a first grader!!! LOL Glad you had a great day.

    “I’m so curious to see what they become in the future.”
    Aawww, when you were growing up that’s what many of your teachers said about you!

    Now I am really missing you. :-(


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