Good stuff on the horizon…

I think it’s time for a big update.

So after my fabulous teacher gave me the terrific chorizo, when I returned to the school on Friday, she gave me a chunk of some of the best ham in Spain! I don’t know what I did to deserve all these treats, but boy, she sure is sweet, and I love eating all this delicious food! I owe her big time for Christmas or something.

Last week was a pretty good week. The weekend was awful. Let me begin….

School was pretty normal in Getafe (other than getting gifts), but my school here in Madrid is full of drama! And I really hate. I feel uncomfortable. Basically what is happening is the Director and the Assistant so-and-so have decided to draw me up the most ridiculous schedule.  Here is what my schedule looks like:

9am – 10am 3,4,5 year olds.

That’s the first problem.  3 year olds can’t be taught another language. They are just too young…

10am-10:20am Fifth grade or Third grade

10:20-10:40 Sixth grade or Third grade

10:40-11am Fourth grade or Second grade

and then the rest of the day, I am with my first graders, which is where I am supposed to be. So basically I spend the first hour of my day with the little twerps that can barely even speak Spanish, yet alone learn English. They are just too young and it annoys me because I really hate little children. They were coughing all over me and they scream and cry and can’t unzip their jackets yet. I’m not a baby sitter.

Javier, my teacher, the one who I coordinate with to teach the first graders, he is terrific, and him and I get along famously. But he’s been fighting with the Directors to take me out of the infants class and to give us an hour to prepare our lessons, etc. This is a good idea because once I arrive to his class, we basically have to waste 10 minutes talking so that I know what is going on. You’d think it would be a good idea to give us some time to prepare. But no, the Directors say that in my contract, I have to be with the kids the ENTIRE time. This is not true. Not in the least. At my school in Getafe, I have an hour each day for lesson planning, preparation, etc. But not here in Madrid.

Then, after I’m done with the little brats, I spend 20 minutes, only 20 minutes, with some of the other classes. When I arrive to these classrooms, the teachers aren’t expecting me and what am I supposed to talk to these kids about for 20 minutes? I have no idea! I’m not trained to do this, nor is that part of my job description. So I waste 20 minutes in each of these classes, and then finally, I’m back with Javier.

Javier continues to argue with these people and I just have to stand there and watch basically. But I’m going to say something. I emailed the head lady of my program here to see what she has to say about my job description and stuff. I hope she has something good to say, because right now, my school is just a mess and I don’t like being there. I like Javier and I like my first graders, but the rest is just not good.

On Thursday, I went to my photo class and I finally got to display my pictures. The teacher said my photos look fine and that I know how to use a camera well, however, she said she’d seen those kinds of pictures a thousand times before. Basically, she wants art, not travel shots. But that’s all I got so whatevz.

But after class, everyone came back to my apartment and we had American Dinner Night. It was a success! I made a ton of cheeseburgers for everyone and it was really really fun. My classmates are really terrific. Everyone is way friendly and really encouraging of my Spanish skillz. That’s right, skillz.

Friday night rolls around, and we decided to throw a “Housewarming Party.” Ale and Blanca came and it was really fun up until about 11 or 12 when I got sick. Not sick from alcohol, but like food poisoning sick. To save you all from the gross details, I threw up all night long. I didn’t stop until about 9 in the morning the next day. I was pretty exhausted. I slept for the rest of the weekend. I’m all better now though, thanks for asking.

On Monday, I went wandering around the city and took pictures and just kind of took it easy since I was still tired from being sick. But Monday night, I went to the Museo de Reina Sofia, which is my favorite art museum in Madrid. It is full of Picasso, including his most famous piece, and my personal favorite, La Guernica. I had seen it before but it’s always good to see it again since it’s so wonderful. There was also this other exhibit by a man named Hans-Peter Feldmann and he has the funniest art. I’ve never found modern art so hysterical before in my life. His exhibition was entitled: An Exhibition of Art. Well duh! But he had some really interesting stuff, such as over 100 newspapers from all over the world displaying the events of 9/11. It was really neat to see how deeply those events really impacted the world. The covers of all the newspapers said the same thing (although they of course were all in many different languages) and all had a huge picture of the planes crashing. I have attached a picture below, a portrait that he did of Karl Marx. I find it quite amusing.

Anyway, work yesterday in Getafe went well and today, it’s been more drama with the Directors. Hopefully that subsides quickly.

I also bought a plane ticket to go visit Chris Kelley in Galicia! I leave the 20th! SO STOKED!

Halloween this weekend, gonna be  a blast!

Write more later,


One thought on “Good stuff on the horizon…

  1. Hey Graham, your mom gave me your blog site & I’ve peeked in a few times. Glad to hear you’re loving it there & getting to explore the life of Spain! :) As for the little kids, b-sitting them…I feel for ya! I hope things get better @ that school real soon! Take care Graham & good luck! OH…hope the cheeseburgers didn’t make you sick or anyone else! ha


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