Getting the Special Treatment

Work today was terrific!

I walked into class and all the kids were obedient! They were sitting still, quiet and were actually paying attention! ¡Madre mía! Compared to last Friday, where I actually had to call the other teacher to come in and handle the little brats because they were so out of control, they were little angels today! And since they were so bad last week, a bunch of the children’s parents got phone calls from the teachers telling them about their bad behavior. Anyway, despite me be shocked at the silence and order, two of the bad students went even further to surprise me by drawing me pictures and saying they were sorry. These are going on the fridge :)

Then, to top that off, my teacher brought me a gift as a thank you for my time and efforts. She brought me a Chorizo (sausage) from Salamanca which is rumored to be the best chorizo in Spain, if not the world. I cannot wait to eat it!  That was so nice of her! I couldn’t believe. I still can’t believe it hahaha. I love my job/life!

Tonight, I’ll be meeting up with Ale and Blanca )well, Blanca’s a maybe. She’s always a maybe…) and then I’m going to a metal concert with two people from my photography class. I don’t know why they are going to a metal show (believe me, they are faaaaaaaarrrrrrr from being metal), but I’m way stoked!

Write more later, just wanted to share my good day :D


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