I got out of Madrid for a little bit today which was really nice. Julia, Chloe, and I had planned on going to Segovia this weekend since we have 4 days of holiday break. So we got up early to catch the train out there since it’s relatively close to Madrid. However, we arrived at the train station about 5 minutes before the train left so we didn’t get tickets. I also think the train might have been sold out. So instead, we went to Ávila, Spain. It took about 2 hours or a little less to get there and it was raining since the moment we got there.

There isn’t a whole lot to see in Ávila because it’s a small Spanish town, but it was very enjoyable. It was surprisingly cold today, the coldest I’ve seen in Spain this far into the year. It’s still pretty early, but what was nice about it was that it finally felt like Fall. The trees there had already begun to change colors and lose some of their leaves which is my favorite.

After quickly eating a typical Spanish breakfast of tortilla (not a mexican tortilla, here tortillas are like omelettes) and café con leche (coffee and milk). Then we finally headed into the center of town. There was a church (surprise!) and a beautiful plaza typical of Spain. But all around was this giant muralla, or wall that’s been standing for hundreds of years. It was absolutely gorgeous and for 4 euros, I was able to climb it. I think it was something close to a mile long or longer. It took me several hours to walk along the entire thing but it was really enjoyable. I did this part of the trip alone because my friends went inside the Cathedral there as well, and that cost another 4 euro, and I could honestly careless about seeing another church. They are always the same and for them to charge me to get in is just…blasphemy (no pun intended).

I ended up meeting Julia and Lucas (Lucas also came along. He’s one of Julia’s German friends) along the ramparts of the muralla, but this was when I was heading back and they were still wandering it’s enormity. I found Chloe who decided to bail on the expedition because she forgot to bring a coat and was just too cold and fed up with the rain, in a café. I ate a small lunch with her (a bocadillo, or sandwhich, with a coca cola) and eventually Lucas and Julia showed up. We caught the train home at about 5:30 and I just walked in the door to my piso (that’s apartment) at 8pm. So not bad. But all in all, it was a pretty long day, and I’m pretty tired, and although there isn’t too much to see in Ávila, I’m really glad we went and now I can officially cross that city off of my to-see list.

Write more later,


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