I finally started working at my other school which is great because it’s a 15 minute commute rather than an hour and a half one. The school is strange in the respect that nothing is organized. When I arrived yesterday for my first day, we had a meeting to decide where I’d even be placed. It was as if I was unexpected. But they soon figured it out.

The children here are great. One little girl even gave me a hug already at the end of the first day.  Teaching them is so far pretty easy, and I think the kids here can actually understand me when I speak, but I still had to go over how to pronounce my name for about 30 minutes.

Yesterday, my first day, I met Javier who is the bilingual teacher for “Primeros,” or first graders. He and I are partnered up basically. Once lunch finally arrived (which we get a 2 hour break), we went out to lunch with the school’s gym teacher. First stop: Beer. And tapas.

God I love this country.

Second stop: Doner Kebabs.

Why they don’t have Doner Kebabs in the States still confuses me but hopefully one day all of you Americans that are reading this that have never tasted a delectable Doner, you will get to savor it’s tastiness. Doner kebabs are like cocaine. Like a Pedro Almodovar film. Like Freddy Mercury’s voice. Like a Neruda poem. Like a Shakespeare novel. Flawless to say the least.

Then we returned to class and I finished out the day well.

Last night, I had Ale, Sas, Levene and Blanca over for dinner. I cooked an entire chicken. Me. Yes I did. An entire chicken. In the oven. And it was really good.

Today, I had to work for just three hours and it was quick and easy. I got to start my day off with a different English/Spanish professor who taught sixth graders. I liked working with the sixth graders a lot more because I could actually have intelligent conversation and actually talk to them rather than constantly have to tell kids to shut up and sit down. Primeros is basically like daycare. It’s unruly. But the sixth graders are pretty mature and can formulate sentences which I like. Hopefully I’ll get to spend more time with the older kids, but it seems like I’ll be with all 6 year olds for the next 9 months.

I started my Photography course tonight. I was pretty nervous about going since I signed up for the Advanced course and I’m not entirely sure how to use my camera still, but I was mostly nervous about the language barrier. And of course to my horror we had to do introductions. I think I pulled it off alright though. The class went alright for the first day but I think I’ll learn some really good stuff. I’m trying to remain as positive about it as possible, even if I couldn’t understand everything that was being said. Fortunately, however, after class, they invited me out to get a drink. I got to meet more people and talk with them for a few hours in one of the bars right by the school (which happens to be literally one block from where I live). Everyone was really nice and everyone in the class seems to come from some pretty unique and interesting backgrounds. Hopefully I’ll get to know more of them and get to know the ones I already know better.

Tomorrow I’m back in Getafe and then I get a 4 day weekend because of a Spanish holiday: Día de la Hispanidad, or as we would call it in English, Christopher Colombus day. I like to call it “Genocide Day,” but you can call it whatever you like.

Write more later,


ps. This blog has a “statistics reader.” And I get on average 30 views a day (one day I got as many as 90 views!). I don’t even know 30 people, so whoever you are that keeps reading this, keep reading, but don’t be a creep and read my blog 30 times a day. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Work.

  1. OMG Graham (how do you pronounce that?) you are hilarious….I love your blog..I read it ONCE so I am not a creep! It cracks me up everyday! What is a tapas and doner kebabs and why do you call their holiday Genocide Day? I think I am missing something good. But I am laughing all the way! Have an awesome time……you are so lucky!


    1. tapas are finger foods here in Spain. There are all kinds of different ones; some better than others, but for the most part, they are delicious. Kebabs are like Gyros in the US but they are just incomparable. I don’t know how else to describe it, but I suggest you find one soon! They are AMAZING! :)

      As for calling it Genocide Day, we celebrate Christopher Colombus discovering America, but we don’t actually acknowledge what he did once he got here: The natives that were living here were disrupting brutally. Colombus and his crew brought along diseases and other illnesses, but also they raped the women, killed thousands of natives, and eventually wiped them out. It’s not something I’d be proud of.


  2. It’s good that you wrote in your blog, otherwise we wouldn’t know how you were doing. :) Would like to hear from you if you get a moment to spare. Glad you are having fun!! Be safe, luv ya, Dad.


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