Prado and Parques

Life in Madrid is going really well. I’m all settled into my own room now and it’s so much nicer than having to literally live out of my suitcase and bounce around between people’s lives to find a place to stay. My roommates are all so great too. We get along really well, and I haven’t spoken a single word of English in a few days. We all speak Spanish here. It’s freaking rad!

I’ve already gone and seen the Prado, wandered the city several times, and I’ve seen my schools. I saw the school that is closer to me a few days ago and it seems pretty cool. But today I went to my far away school in Getafe and it’s going to be great there! Really! Everyone told me that Getafe is kind of ghetto, but I got there (after traveling for and hour and half to get there and then spending another 45 minutes getting lost in Getafe) and they are so friendly and they’ve got these great plans for me. I think I’m really going to make an impact at that school and I think they will make a huge impact on me. I’m really excited to start working. And I start tomorrow morning. Tonight’s party forecast looks like we might get a little “sloppy” so I hope I come home before 6am. O.o

I went and saw the Prado museum the other day, which isn’t that great to be honest. I don’t love old renaissance art. It’s really boring and seeing paintings of saints and Jesus just gets really tiring and redundant. However, the Goya pieces were amazing! Especially the Maja Desnuda and the Maja Vestida.

Yesterday, me and two of my new roommates went and wandered the city. We stopped and took a break for some beer and tapas. Pictures will soon follow.

I may sign up for this photography class I found here through one of my roommates, who is also way into photography. The school is half a block from where I live and it’s only 90 euros a month and it goes until February. I’d be able to take the classes at night too, so that is something I’m really looking forward to doing (I just hope I can fit it into my budget).

Tonight I’m either going to club Joy (which I doubt I’ll go because it’s a huge place, an all-night kind of place, and it’s full of Americans) or to a Latin dance club. It will most likely be me dancing salsa :D

Before that, I’m gonna go for a walk with Blanca and Ale (at least that’s the plan) and then I may go see the Reina Sofia which has my most favoriteist painting ever: Guernica by Picasso. I’ve seen it before, but it’s so worth seeing again. The museum is free from 7-9 at nights.

That’s all I can think to write right now.

More later,


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