Madrid is the city of RAD!

I woke up yesterday with a headache because the night before had been a little overwhelming. I didn’t understand anything anyone was saying around me, and I continued dreaming in Spanish and I’m just starting to feel a bit in too deep. But yesterday improved severely.

I went shopping with Ale and Sas for a while. Then we got lunch at my favorite Kebab restaurant.

From there, I went to my soon-to-be apartment and met with the landlord and Chloe, the other girl that’s moving in when I do. The landlord was really nice but GOD that guy can talk. He talked and talked and talked and talked. I was about to kill him when he finally says, “Ok, why don’t you guys stay and get to know your flatmates a little better,” and he slams the door in our faces and walks out.

So we went back inside and chatted with our future roommates and all of them are freaking AWESOME! They are so friendly it’s great. I’m really excited to live there. And did I mention our place is HUGE? Because it’s huge!

Chloe and I were invited to go get drinks with our flatmates so we went to some bar and ordered about 8 or 9 rounds of caña’s and chatted and got to know one another. Seriously, I am so excited to live with them all! They were so nice, outgoing, exciting, friendly, and all are down for a good time which means our apartment is going to be a very party-oriented place. SWEET!

I’ll be living with two guys from Mexico, a girl from Germany, a Spanish girl, and a girl from France/Belgium/US (that’s Chloe). The ages are from 21-26 so we are all pretty close in age. It’s gonna be great.

From there I proceeded to run back to Ale and Blanca’s apartment to find Blanca and her boy friend watching Fútbol. Blanca said she wasn’t going out at all that night so she gave me her keys, which was awesome!

I left to go meet up with Nuria, who is one of the girls I was going to live with before I got here. It didn’t work out but she has been super nice to me and she invited me to a party last night. I got there close to midnight and I was like one of the first people to arrive. The timing here is ridiculous. But anyway, I got to the front of the apartment and called up and when she answered the call, she says, “¿Sí?” and I say (in my wonderful Spanish), “Hola, I’m here to party!” and she then says, “Okay, come on up, Graham.” I get upstairs and I ask if it was her who answered my call. She tells me yes, and that it was obvious it was me because of my accent. Ha! Funny. I guess I’m not as Spanish as I hoped, but that’s ok.

Anyway, Nuria is the coolest girl ever! I had such a great time! She was so inviting and gave me tons of sangria and she was just a really awesome person.  I met all kinds of new people and I spoke Spanish the ENTIRE time and I learned a lot and I know I’m already getting better. I even met some guy that listens to Necrophagist, Sepultra, and a bunch of other rad Death and Thrash metal bands. Way sick! But overall, I got along with everyone there and I finally went home at about 3 in the morning.

I’m so excited about all the people I’ve been meeting and this year is going to be great to get to know all of them better and to spend more time with them. I guess now I’m going to have to invite all these people over to my place (maybe one at a time) to repay them for the hospitality they’ve all shown me.

So today, today is a great day. Ale just left for El Escorial to spend the night with her mother. She left me her bed, which means I got to cancel my hostal reservation. Also, my future flatmates said that one of the girls is going to Santander all week and that I don’t need to stay in the hostal and I can just move in a week early, which is so AWESOME! My roommates are already helping me out. I’m so stoked to get to move in tomorrow! And finally FINALLY have my own bed and to not be a bother to everyone else. Also, a good shower and shave is much desired.

Although Ale has been TERRIFIC, I’m excited to let her and her roommate and Blanca have their house back to themselves.

Write more later,



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