Another day

Last night we were supposed to go to Supersonic, but it wasn’t open. We all received a message on facebook saying it was the inauguration of its new location, but there was nobody there and all the doors were locked.  Kind of a bummer. But last night, I got to hang out with Ale, Sas, and Levene, and a bunch of Levene’s friends. One of which is a guitar player and liked my A Day to Remember t-shirt, which I was shocked to see that a Spaniard even knew who that was.

I have had a really hard time getting a hold of Bea to stay with her so last night I crashed on Ale’s floor. Luckily, Levene has a “colchón” or a little pull out mattress that I got to sleep on. But for the rest of my stay in Madrid until I get to move into my place, I’m staying in a hostal. I got a really good deal on one, where tomorrow night only cost me 5 euros!

I’m meeting my landlord tonight for the first time to go over all the details of my place. I get to see my place again which is good because I don’t really remember it all that well because there were a hundred other people looking at it too when we were. But now I can actually see which room is mine, get the finer details, and meet all my future roommates. I’ve already met three of them and they are very nice.

Later tonight, I’m going to Nuria’s place for a party she and her roommates are having. Nuria is one of the girls that I was going to live with but I didn’t end up staying with them because of timing. But Nuria has been talking to me ever since and she and her roommate Eli seem pretty excited to meet me. And I’m very excited to meet them. Should be fun, I just hope that I can understand what everyone is saying. O_o

I talked to Chris; I guess he really likes Galicia! Which is really good. I still wish he was here with me in Madrid, but I’ll see him pretty often. We plan on traveling around Spain together on the weekends so it won’t be like I’m missing him at all.

That’s all for now.


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