Life in Madrid

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve written in here, but it’s because I’ve been so terribly busy. I finished with Orientation, which I guess wasn’t that bad, but it was awful boring. Today was a pointless day. It went by quickly though. We finished up at 2. Yesterday, Orientation was fine but it was from 9:30am to 7pm. It was a long day to say the least. Today was short but it was just like an annoying reiteration of everything they told us yesterday.

Two nights ago, Chris and I met up with Bea, one of our friends from the Residencia. It was really nice catching up with her. We went and got dinner and then to an Irish bar (I know, my favorite) and we each had a beer. Then we walked Bea home and we went to bed since it was 2am by that point.

Last night was Chris’s last night before he went to Galicia. It’s sad to see him leave knowing he’s so close, but not close enough. I know him and I will reunion frequently through out our stay here. We’re gonna be travel buddies I guess.  We went to Sala Heineken, which is a large club here, to see a performance by two dj’s called Zombie Kids. Everyone, including Ale, talked highly of them and that they put on the best show, doing remixes of really good popular indie music. The first DJ of the night was great; he played songs by some really great bands, including Rancid and the Toasters (to my surprise and excitement), and he added some cool techno beats to the other songs during his set making it a little more dance-able. But then Zombie Kids came on with a huge roar and they had tons of energy and I thought they were going to be great but they were AWFUL. AWFUL! They played straight up techno/trance/dub step garbage. I can’t stand that kind of music, especially when it is INCREDIBLY loud at 3 in the morning, where one of the Zombie Kids kept yelling, “What, what what!” into the microphone. The DJ continued to play obnoxious noises with awkward drum beats, and it was just all crap. I know a lot of my friends in Denver would have loved it, but it is DEFINITELY not my thing.

And to top it all off, I’m sick. I have been for like 4 days now. You know, runny nose, itchy throat, cough, and I haven’t had a voice for like 2 days, which make speaking Spanish really difficult. Fortunately my voice is starting to return to me today. I hope that after I sleep tonight, I’ll feel rejuvenated and fresh tomorrow. At least I hope so ^_^

At least I got to spend the night with Ale, Chris, and some other cool Spaniards. I had a good time, really. But Zombie Kids was a “menudo chasco” (major let down) and I now know to avoid any techno concerts in the future. I still can’t hear out of my right ear and it just wasn’t a good time. Ale said they have never played just straight techno like that before, that they usually play covers of other bands. But nope. Not the night I went. Go figure.

Today was long. I slept for three hours last night and went to Orientation. I’m glad it’s done. Afterward, I got lunch with two other Americans that I met in my program. Then I met up with one of the girls that I’m going to be living with this year. She isn’t from any country specifically, so I can’t tell you if she’s “German” or “American.” She was born in D.C. because her father in American, but her mother is French and she grew up speaking French in the house (I guess her mother isn’t very good at English). She has been studying for the past 4 years in Brussels, Belgium. She’s lived in the US, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, and now Spain. But she’s really nice and I think we’ll get along just fine with the rest of our roommates (there are six of us in all). Even though she and I speak English, we are living in a “Spanish speaking apartment,” since everyone else there speaks Spanish and they’ll feel excluded if we speak English, so to accompany everyone’s needs, we’ll be speaking Spanish. Which is a good thing.

Tonight is my last night at Ale’s. At least for the weekend. I think I’ll be staying with Bea this weekend. She said I could, I just haven’t heard back from her yet. But it’s still early. And if I can’t stay there, it’s no big deal. I can sleep at Ale’s still. I just feel like I’ve been here forever.

I would move to my place, but I can’t until October 1. So I’m just killing time until then. I wish I could move into my place, that way I could get out of everyone’s hair and have my very own place.

Blanca comes to Madrid tomorrow! She’s one of the reasons I’m leaving here; I’ve had her room/bed all to myself this entire time! So sad to leave it behind! ha but I’m glad to see her.

I got a phone today, finally. It cost me 12 euros. Ale told me I should have paid another 20 and got a somewhat decent phone since mine is like a cheap, pathetic toy. But whatevz. I’ll have to make due with this one. At least for now. If I want to upgrade later, I can. I don’t have a contract, it’s just pay as you go.

So now I’m off to bed, and it’s only 8pm. I really need some sleep.



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