Seeing old friends

Today was a pretty great and simplistic day overall. Ale and I woke up quite late (2:30pm to be exact) and I immediately started calling around in search of an apartment here since I will have to be out of here by the 24th. Blanca returns then and I’m in her room for now so I definitely need to get the move on.

The day was typical; Ale and I had a great lunch together at her apartment chatting about whatever for a few hours and then we showered and went out to finally meet Chris Kelley. We found him by the Palacio Real with a few of his friends, one of which he is currently living with.  From there we went and visited one of two apartments that actually hadn’t already rented out there place. Pretty much people have been leaving their apartments up on the websites even after they have been alquilado (rented).  But we checked this place out, that’s me, Ale, and Chris, and it seems so awesome! However, there was a lot of traffic so I don’t know how good of a chance I stand. Ale and I will call them tomorrow  to tell them I’m really interested. It’s a little bit over my budget (it will be about 400 euros a month) but the place is like a mini-dorm. It has six rooms in all, and the common language spoken is Spanish. Everyone there is really friendly, inviting and the place seems like it will be a really exciting place to live. I kind of hope I get to live there. So far everyone there is from either Spain or Mexico, so either way I’m set with the language. I know that by living there I’d probably meet a lot of really interesting people, I just hope I find time to sleep there ^_^

We then proceeded to go to my favorite place in the entire world: our own little Doner Kebab restaraunt on Calle San Bernardo! It’s still the same two Indian guys working there Ale kept saying that they seemed so happy to see me and Chris. Clearly they recognized us because we used to go there day in and day out. We got the usual: Durum Menú. It was so delicious! I had been craving it since I had left two years ago. Just putting that simple Kebab back onto my palate was so wonderful, I know I’ll be back there everyday (or at least every other day) from here on out. If I go broke, it’s because of this place.

After eating and drinking some Mahou beer, we ended up going to a place called El Picnic where they have, as Ale says, the best Mojitos in Madrid. They were pretty darn delicious. Then we went to Plaza del 2 de Mayo where many other Spaniards were sitting around, chatting and sipping on beers sold to them by the numerous Chinese people that do circles around the place trying to sell peanuts and 1 euro beers. Chris and I each bought a beer from them reluctantly, and then we sat down with Ale and chatted and drink for a few hours. We were continuously interrupted by the encroaching Chinese people, but they were always really friendly so we didn’t mind. After a long while, we set off for home so Ale could get some sleep.

Chris and I are now sitting in the apartment, relaxing, and chatting since we haven’t seen each other in about a year and a half. Off to bed soon, and tomorrow, I get up early to find some more apartments. I’ve got four days left to get a place so it’s crunch time. I’ll be visiting my school again tomorrow probably since it will be open and my first day of Orientation is on Wednesday. So that’s all.

Que durmaís bien,



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