Mazo is the word of the day

Yesterday was my first real taste of Madrid. I slept in really late, ate lunch with Ale, her roommate, Levene, and her boy friend whom everyone calls Sas (pronounced like “sauce”).  They are all really awesome. Everyone is so helpful with my broken Spanish and they are actually really hilarious! I’m glad I’ve made two guy friends so far because that never happens for some reason.

When I woke up, I took the Metro to see one of my schools. Once I got there and saw the locked fence surrounding the place, I realized it was Saturday so of course I wasn’t going to be able to go inside. Stupid me. So I returned to the apartment disappointed.
We all ate lunch and went out into Madrid to an art exhibit at Caixa Forum. They had a special exhibit of all these personal photographs of children. Next to these incredible pictures were descriptions of the children. They were all from third world countries and all had struggled in some intense way. Many were refugees, many seperated from their parents, many HIV positive with dead HIV positive parents, many displaced from war, many abused, many sexually abused. Some of the pictures were pretty intense. Actually, the pictures weren’t too intense, but after reading about the child, you felt overwhelmed and there was a sense that I wanted to help them in some way, but all I could do was admire these pictures as art.

We continued on and found another special exhibit on the director of many classic movies, Federico Fellini. He filmed Roma and La Dulce Vita.  This was a fabulous exhibit!! I have never seen any of his movies before but I’m definitely going to make an effort to watch them. He was a director clearly way ahead of his time that emphasized love, spontaneity, sex, and he loved filming beautiful women. The casts all seem funny, eccentric, quirky, and overall fantastic.

Then we returned to the apartment, ate dinner and got ready for our night. We went across the city to see Blanca’s boyfriend’s band play, even though  Blanca isn’t here in Madrid (she’s at her home in Jerez, but will be here on the 24th). They were incredible! They have a sound like Wolf Mother, or Led Zeppelin, or Black Sabbath. Real good blues rock. I’d check them out if I were you…  Blanca’s boyfriend is the drummer. Anyway, after their show we tried to get into an infamous club called Independance but the line was like 4 blocks long so we crossed the street and went to another called Boom, which Ale described to me as the reject of Independance; all the people that didn’t get into Independance made their way to Boom for the rest of the night. When we entered it was pretty empty, but by the time we left (at 4am) the place was absolutely packed! At least our entree fee was free!

The group last night included me, Ale, Sas, Levene, the entire band, Belmont, and a ton of other guys. In all, we were 14, all men, and Ale. It was hilarious, actually. All the guys were so nice and they all loved teaching me all these crazy Spanish expressions and curse words. Ale kept telling me that those sayings were lame, but all the guys insited I say them. They’d occasionally ask me to say one of them to a friend of theirs or something and everyone roared in laughter and excitement. It was a pretty cool experience overall and now I feel like I’ve learned a lot, but it’s hard to retain when I had 13 guys yelling at me to say this and that and I have no idea how these words are even spelled haha. But I’ve got a year here, so I’ll get it.

Off to lunch and try to find some more apartments.

BTW, we found Chris, but I haven’t seen him yet….


One thought on “Mazo is the word of the day

  1. Sounds like you picked right up where you left off 2 years ago. Am glad for you. Guess what? When I was in college I took a Fellini film course. Honest.

    Love Ya,


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