On the way…

I am currently sitting in Washington Dulles Airport and I have noticed already a pattern in myself. The first time I went to Madrid, one of my best friends made me a playlist on my iPod of a bunch of the best songs by Big D and the Kids Table. At first, I wasn’t entirely impressed by this band which is why he made me the mix. I began listening to it and I immediately fell madly in love with the few songs he gave me, specifically a song entitled “Steady Riot.”

Now as I sit here awaiting my next flight, I listen to this same song and have those initial emotions come flooding back to me. I remember listening to that song on repeat over and over for those first few days that I was in Madrid, and now that I am flying back out there, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by those same emotions I had felt two years ago.

I then had to turn my iPod to another one of my favorite bands, Bayside and listen to their song “Montauk.” Another really good friend of mine wanted me to love them like she did, and I had never heard them before so she made me a mix. I was impressed by the first song on the mix, but I never got passed song 2. It immediately became a song that I put on repeat for the next few months of my life. So of course since I was feeling nostalgic about my first time going to Madrid and since I wanted to make myself a little more excited for my up-and-coming journey since I had a rough past two days saying goodbye to many loved ones (including my girlfriend), I needed to reassure myself that I was making the right decision going to Spain.

Listening to these songs definitely confirmed to me that I am making the right choice. I cannot wait to land in Madrid, which won’t be for several more hours from now, but I hope this trip will be just as great as or even better than the last time I went.

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