My Arrival

I have arrived!!!

So after 3 painfully long flights, I have finally made it.

The worst of those was the long flight was from Washington D.C. to Copenhagen, Denmark. I sat next to some insanely buff Danish guy who wreaked of B.O. and he kept listening to really lame music like “Girls just want to have fun” by Cindy Lauper loudly on his headphones.

I found the Copenhagen airport really fascinating. They had what is called a “Silent Airport,” meaning they didn’t do any boarding calls. You just had to be there 20 minutes before your flight and then they collect all the tickets and you go. It’s all unannounced.

Also, I knew I was in Europe the second I went into the bathrooms. They were incredibly tiny, with just two urinals, and no actually toilets. I had to ask some guy, “So where does one go to say, sit down, if you know what I mean…” He points to the wall. That’s when I realize that there was a small sliver of a door on one of the walls with no outside handle. The door opens up and immediately I get the scent of feces and alcohol. I go in, close the door and the place smelled like there had been an alcoholic homeless person living in there since the Korean War. I held my breath and got out of there as quickly as possible.

I flew to Madrid impatiently. Once I got all of my luggage, I was on the hunt for my buddy Chris Kelley. After dragging 110 pounds of luggage for a good solid hour or longer through the ENTIRE airport looking for this kid, I ended up just turning around and catching the Metro to my destination alone (except by this point, I had nice thick blisters on my palms to keep me company). I called his contact after I arrived to my friend Alejandra’s, which is where I’ll be staying for the next few nights, but they hadn’t seen or heard from him either. I hope he made it alright. I’m sure he did.

It was so terrific seeing my friend, Ale, however! I haven’t seen her in two years! Catching up with her was just absolutely great! I ended up meeting her boy friend and some of her other friends. As well as giving me a place to stay for a few days (with my own bedroom none less!), she started calling around to find me my own apartment. Today we will probably try finding some more places and I may go check out of one of my schools.

We took a nice long walk around the city (of course stopping by one of the H & M’s) seeing all the sites: Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Palacio Real, Plaza de Espana, Gran Via….

We stopped and got some delicious pizza with pesto and then I crashed at about 8pm and slept for 15 hours.  I woke up and checked my emails to see if Chris had responded to the one I had sent him, but I received another unsuspecting email from my friend Lorena. She mentioned to me about a month ago that she’d pick me up from the airport, but when I double checked on that with her on Monday, I never got a response so I just put it out of my mind and went about getting to Ale’s on my own. She wrote to me saying she was at the Barajas airport for 2 hours looking for me! I had NO IDEA! I feel kind of bad she was waiting there for so long, but that makes me wonder how I didn’t see her in my attempts to find Chris. I crossed the ENTIRE airport! I wonder how we didn’t see each other. I for sure would have recognized her…right? Anyway, I plan on seeing her later today or tomorrow.

Well, now I feel well rested and I’m excited for what today, tomorrow, and the rest of this year will bring! :D

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